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MFL'S 3 hours with THE WEDDING PRESENT is this friday night


We DJ at KRTU 91.7 in San Antonio,Texas and co-host the show,"MUSIC FOR LISTENERS every friday night at midnight.

Hello evereyone,

We just wanted to pass on word that we have another one of our special three hour shows this friday night where we focus on only one band. This week we will be playing host to three full hours of THE WEDDING PRESENT(http://www.scopitones.co.uk/). This will include an interview with David Gedge along with selections form the band's live set recorded at Emo's in Austin,Texas on February 28th,2006. We will also be playing tracks from many of the bands albums,singles,peel sessions,ep's and more!

you can listen in LIVE on May 12th at 11:59 pm (central time) via stream at http://www.krtu.org/ . San Antonio listeners can also tune in at 91.7 fm

We will be adding eveyone on here with Aim to our buddylist so that if we see you on here,we will send you a reminder about the show. we will also be adding your myspaces to our friends list(now at over 5,100).

we will be posting the playlist in here on saturday morning as well.

we hope alot of you get to listen and hope everyone is having a great week,

Orly & Michael



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